About OMG

oh ma'goddai

oh · mu · gohd · dae


  • to be filled with intense feelings or urges;
  • often used when describing the feeling experienced upon seeing an adorable baby that is poki (pleasantly chubby) and cute, causing an urge to pinch, squeeze, bite or smother that person with kisses


Hafa Adai,

We're the team behind Supah Secret and the Hafa Stay line and we've got a project we can't wait to share with you.

Whether you're on Guam, from Guam, or know someone from, you know there's a strong sense of community and family. And now that we have a little one of our own, that's something we can't wait to share with her.

As parents from Guam, we want to pass on the traditions that we grew up with to our little one. The problem is that there aren't that many ways to help spread our culture to the next generation in a relevant way. So what if there was a company whose sole mission was to help educate the next generation on what it means to be from Guam?

Ohma'goddai is an education and lifestyle brand committed to keeping the Hafa Adai spirit alive! Our products will help remind us of what we value in our culture: family, togetherness, kindness, and respect. But it will also strive to educate our littles about those same values.

We will be partnering with local charities and artists to give a percentage of the profits made to help the Guam/Chamorro tradition going.

The last thing we want is for our little ones to miss out on experience the traditions that shaped us. With our combined efforts, we can continue to pass on the Hafa Adai spirit for generations to come.

So stick around, we've got lots in store!